Best Vacuums For Hardwood Floors-Tips & Reviews

If you are still using broom or sweepers in cleaning your hardwood floors, then you might consider getting a good or even the best vacuum for hardwood floors. A vacuum as an alternative to sweeping and mopping, the vacuum will suck up dirt and dust from the floor, thus preventing dust from flying around inside your home. If you have asthma or sensitive from dust, then getting a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter would be your best choice.  With HEPA filter vacuums, it will improve the indoor air quality of your home as it can filter dust efficiently and preventing it from going back into the air once the vacuum sucked them (dust or dirt) up.

Tips for Using Vacuums on Hardwood Floors

Using Canister vacuums when cleaning wooden flooring are much safer to use. Choose a Canister vacuum cleaner with rubber or protected wheels to avoid leaving scratches when moving the vacuum around during vacuuming wood floors. Canister vacuums also do not use rolling brushes that would also scratch wood floors. It is good to note this tips when getting a vacuum for hardwood floors.

But if you wanting to get upright vacuum type, make sure that you have the option in turning its brush roll off when cleaning from carpets to hardwood floors. Below is an infographic made by VACUUMSEEK.COM to show you how to choose the right vacuum for your hardwood floors.

Selecting The Best Vacuum for Hard Wood Floors

Graphics Credit: top 12 hardwood floor vacuum cleaners 2017

ILIFE-V5s-Robot-Vacuum-Cleaner-with-Water-Tank-MopWith the innovation of vacuum cleaners, consumers have the option to opt in for a robot vacuum to save time and effort when cleaning the floors. You can choose a robot vacuum cleaner with water tank mop that offers automatic damp mopping spa for hardwood floors. Most robot vacuums can be programmed to schedule when they should conveniently clean your home, when you are away or sleeping or watching TV. The can even charge by themselves once their battery is low. How good is that? But remember it does not clean thoroughly clean your home so eventually, you have to still clean your home but not as much without the use of robotic vacuum for hardwood floors. The choice is yours.